Birthday party number four

Today was Mitchell’s fourth birthday party.  Although his actual birthday isn’t until next Friday, since he’s leaving for Australia that weekend we decided to hold the party early. The theme, in case you can’t guess, was pirates (and princesses, but there weren’t too many of the latter.  Everyone enjoys talk like a pirate day too much).

Aaarrr! Me hearties!

At some point in every kid’s life, his or her inner pirate just has to be let loose. So now Mitchell’s free to impersonate Captain Pugwash, Captain Jack Sparrow, or perhaps as a worst case Captain Feathersword. At this rate I’m sure he’ll be ready for “Talk like a pirate day“.

Kipper me capstans!

Favourite games

Five favourite games to pass the time at home without spending the whole day in front of the tv:

Giddeyap: Mitchell takes the belt from Sheridan’s dressing gown, wraps it over his chest and under his armpits, then gives you the loose ends to hold like reins. Then he runs around the house pulling you along, laughing like a hyena when you say “giddeyap!” or “whoa!”. He especially enjoys sudden direction changes. Particularly fun to watch when he’s pulling mummy around in her chair.

Horsies: an old favourite which is good exercise. Mitchell climbs onto your back for a horsie ride then makes you run as fast as you can from one end of the apartment to the other. And back. Over and over again. Until you’re ready to throw up.

The tiger’s coming: we climb onto the bed and gather up all the pillows, then build a fort using the pillows for walls. Then we hide behind the walls because of course THE TIGER is coming (we seem to have a real problem with tigers in Lebanon…) Sometimes Mitchell morphs into the tiger, in which case you’ll suddenly find yourself inside the fort with the tiger. Not wise.

Aeroplanes: you lie on the bed or the floor, with your knees tucked up to your chest. Mitchell lies along your forelegs, which you then lift into the sky so he can fly like a plane with his head sticking out between your knees. Of course wing flapping is obligatory, as is the inevitable crash at the end of the flight.

Mountaineering: while reclining in front of the TV or when reading a book, Mitchell decides to test his climbing ability. He takes both of your hands and slowly walks up your straight legs, then up your tummy, steps onto your shoulders and finally climbs onto the back of the sofa. He’ll then gambol around on top of the sofa, or if you’re really lucky he’ll turn around, sit on your head and try to slide back down your body, usually with very little grace or panache.

A day at the pool

With the lovely summer warmth of the eastern Mediterranean climate it’s now perfect swimming pool weather. Luckily we can access the pool in the residential complex attached to Alex’s work, and unlike all the commercial pools and beaches around Lebanon, this one is wonderfully blissfully quiet. (Beirut is a ghost town on the weekends now as everyone has either gone to the beach or up to the mountains.)

Unfortunately no pics of Mitchell having a splash – as mummy and daddy were in the water with him!

Our consumerist child

Daddy has just returned from four days in Paris. The visit was work-related, but I managed to squeeze in a bit of shopping and the odd Parisienne delectable (food that is).

On returning home I carted all the goodies that I’d acquired into the lift and piled everything up in our landing outside the front door, then rang the doorbell. As I’ve mentioned before, Mitchie has been known to get pretty excited when Daddy comes home from work, so I was looking forward to his reaction after I’d been away for four days.

I rang the doorbell, then squatted down to little man level so we’d be looking eye to eye when he opened the door. At Mummy’s urging Mitchell slowly opened the door. He looked at me, squatting there, then looked over my shoulder at all the goodies and brushed straight past me to get to his new treasures.

So much for a triumphant return home. Our child has already learned that material goods are the most important thing in the world

Guess I can’t blame him when sitting there was a big box containing one of these, brought from Galeries Lafayette.

Totally wild

I was out hunting for a cubby house for Mitchell yesterday, trying to find something pretty simple (although this pod might have done the trick). Didn’t have much luck tracking down a house that was small enough to fit inside or on the balcony while being big enough for him to play in, all within a reasonable budget.

However I did find the Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair that we’ve been on the hunt for so that Mitchie can join us properly at the dinner table.

Anyway, the other neat addition to our household was yet another toy car for Mitchie. As you can see from this photo, this car must be from the Crocodile Hunter’s themepark since it’s covered in pictures of Kangaroos roaming the wild Australian outback.


Although as you can see from the next picture, the themepark must be located on the outskirts of Vienna…

Austria wild

That’s the kind of quality control I admire!