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Nov 14 2012

I thawt a thaw a bunny wabbit

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Mitchell’s class has two bunnies: Victoria and Albert. Today he got to bring Albert home for a sleepover. So instead of doing homework we’ve been chasing this little grey lump of fuzz around the family room. I’m not sure who’s more in love with him: Mitchell or Sheridan!

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Aug 30 2012

Another soiree

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It’s time again for the twice-yearly soiree, where the kids from school who are learning piano and violin perform a little piece for us admiring parents. Here’s Mitchell’s contribution this time:

(This is last year’s performance. Unfortunately my video recorder died at the soiree earlier this year so you’ll have to just assume it was awesome.)

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Nov 06 2011

Sports day, November 2011

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Aug 24 2011


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This week is bookweek and all of the kids at school had to dress up as a character from one of their favourite stories. Here’s Mitchell as the Rajah from the book the Tiger Skin Rug.

The kids also had to send in a photo of themselves with the theme ‘One world, many stories’. This was Mitchell’s entry – and he won the competition for best photo!

Here he is collecting his prize, a book voucher. The little dude was stoked!

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Aug 10 2010

Self portrait, with apples

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Jul 24 2010

Travelling Ted

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Mitchell’s class has been running a project where each kid takes it in turn to bring “Travelling Ted” home for the night.  This week it was Mitchell’s turn.  So here’s Mitchell and Travelling Ted, hanging out as a couple of dudes will do.

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Jun 27 2010

I wanna be a Wallaby!

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Jun 18 2010

Jump rope for heart day

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May 06 2010

First day at school!

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