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Jul 23 2015

Fly me to the moon…

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Soaring like gooney birds



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Feb 12 2014

Into the blue

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Here’s some video of Mitchell’s first scuba dive in Rarotonga. It was an awesome experience!



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Feb 16 2013

We’re going to New Zealand…

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Aug 30 2012

Another soiree

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It’s time again for the twice-yearly soiree, where the kids from school who are learning piano and violin perform a little piece for us admiring parents. Here’s Mitchell’s contribution this time:

(This is last year’s performance. Unfortunately my video recorder died at the soiree earlier this year so you’ll have to just assume it was awesome.)

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Sep 18 2011

Mitchell’s first soiree

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Feb 23 2010


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Here’s a few more photos from Mitchell’s swimming lessons at Lifestyles gym. This time from the briny deep.

And here’s some video to prove that like the proverbial swan on the river, things are not always as calm and graceful as they seem!

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Feb 22 2010

Video: Swimming lessons

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Dec 21 2009

Video: Christmas party at Lemonts

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Some (unfortunately blurry) video of Mitchell and his bud Sara at the Lemonts Christmas party. Kid’s got some lungs on him.

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Dec 08 2009

Downtown rumble

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Poor old downtown Beirut never gets a break from strife!

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Jul 12 2009

Video: Teaching Mitchell to swim

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As mentioned previously, I’ve been teaching Mitchell to swim for a few weeks now. He’s getting pretty confident with the benefit of his floaty vest, legs chugging away under water and occasionally ducking his head under for a peek.

But most of the time he just wants to drown his old dad.

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