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Dec 09 2012

All I want for Christmas is…

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And channelling Count Drac here

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Aug 30 2012

Another soiree

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It’s time again for the twice-yearly soiree, where the kids from school who are learning piano and violin perform a little piece for us admiring parents. Here’s Mitchell’s contribution this time:

(This is last year’s performance. Unfortunately my video recorder died at the soiree earlier this year so you’ll have to just assume it was awesome.)

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Jul 28 2012

A new hope

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Just watched Star Wars Episode IV (ie the original Star Wars) with the little dude.

The official verdict: ‘it was awesome!!’

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Oct 01 2011

Mitchell’s (first) sixth birthday party

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This is the first of several sixth birthday parties. This one, at Kids Pantry, was a joint party with his buddy Thomas BC and with most of their class present. They had a great time cooking up a storm.

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Aug 24 2011


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This week is bookweek and all of the kids at school had to dress up as a character from one of their favourite stories. Here’s Mitchell as the Rajah from the book the Tiger Skin Rug.

The kids also had to send in a photo of themselves with the theme ‘One world, many stories’. This was Mitchell’s entry – and he won the competition for best photo!

Here he is collecting his prize, a book voucher. The little dude was stoked!

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Apr 03 2011

Come get some

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Feb 13 2011

Starting at big school

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Dec 26 2010

A cubby is born

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Dec 13 2010

A day out at Bowral

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Last Sunday we had a lovely day out with Granny and Grandad at Bowral. We decided to rendezvous at the Bradman Museum before venturing on somewhere else – but the grounds were so nice and the weather was gorgeous so we never left!

A cup of coffee and scones, then a play in the next door park, then sandwiches under the trees, then another play, then an icecream, followed by more play, and then finally back home.

We were certainly exhausted and I’m sure Grandad got his daily exercise!

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Jun 27 2010

Happy birthday you old bugger

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