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Feb 24 2008

Na’iman (congrats on your haircut)

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So we had a lovely day yesterday. After a relaxing breakfast at home we headed over to City Mall (one of the two big modern malls in Beirut). Fina came with us, and she and Mitchie had some Maccas lunch before they ventured into the wild and crazy kidszone for a couple of hours of intense childsplay in the ball pits etc.

Mummy and Daddy then had a lovely time exploring the shops and taking advantage of sales without the little man in tow. Oh it was so peaceful! We had a delicious lunch at Casper and Gambini’s, which was concluded with a chocolate fondue for two – a bowl of steaming molten dark chocolate and a separate bowl of marshmallows, strawberries, bananas and kiwifruit. Mega delicious and a great way to get our daily quota of fruit!

When we were completely full and ready to face the boy again, we picked up Mitchell and Fina and headed off to the hairdresser for Mitchell to get a long overdue cut. Of course they insisted on loading him up with product, just like Daddy!

“Na’iman!” the hairdressers cried. Only in Lebanon, the land of hairdressers and all things vain, would there be a special word in Arabic which means “congratulations on your haircut” (and I’m not taking the piss here).

After returning home Mitchie and Daddy went for a long walk around Ashrafieh and Gemmayzeh (to walk off the fondue…).

Then a barbecue dinner, some hubbly bubbly on the balcony and a DVD, then eventually off to a lovely night’s sleep!


Pensive How long? You want me to eat this crap? I want the fondue! Sporting the new haircut I’ve just seen the haircut in the mirror… Let’s go for a walk daddy! It’s all a bit much really Back home, sitting with mummy

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Feb 12 2008

Mmm, apple time

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An apple a day keeps Mitchie happy

Apples are Mitchell’s favourite fruit at the moment. He likes them peeled (none of that yukky skin!) and we also have to core them, or else he eats the core, pips and all.

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Jan 22 2008

Christmas in Beirut

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Here’s a few photos from the Christmas period. Little guy’s grown a bit during his time in Australia. Still likes cake though…

Buche du Noel 071230_floorboys.jpg 071230-floor.jpg 071230_tiles.jpg

And of course like all two year olds he always likes to play on the floor – cold hard tiles or not. Mummy reckons that Mitchell and Daddy play a bit too roughly. Especially when she finds herself being headbutted by the little guy when they’re playing on the bed. Let me tell you, he’s got a hard noggin.

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