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Jun 29 2014

See if you can guess the last tune

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Mitchell’s June 2014 performance


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Nov 03 2013

Something evil this way comes

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Jan 20 2013

Fun in SA

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Dec 09 2012

All I want for Christmas is…

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And channelling Count Drac here

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Sep 30 2012

Two lads, four wheels and some attitude

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Aug 30 2012

Another soiree

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It’s time again for the twice-yearly soiree, where the kids from school who are learning piano and violin perform a little piece for us admiring parents. Here’s Mitchell’s contribution this time:

(This is last year’s performance. Unfortunately my video recorder died at the soiree earlier this year so you’ll have to just assume it was awesome.)

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Jul 28 2012

A new hope

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Just watched Star Wars Episode IV (ie the original Star Wars) with the little dude.

The official verdict: ‘it was awesome!!’

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Jul 12 2012


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Apr 10 2012

Playing in the park

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This Easter, like last year, we were joined by our good buddies Ben, Ange, Lily and Ruben. It was a great weekend with lots of noise, fun, chocolate eggs – and a fun play on the new spider web and flying fox near our house. As always it made us wish these very special people lived a lot closer so we could do this more often!

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Jan 29 2012

Five weeks in the States

During most of December, across Christmas/New Years and into the beginning of 2012, we wandered, moseyed and explored our way around the US of A. It was an absolutely fantastic holiday that included:

  • Orlando (Disney, Legoland, Kennedy Space Center)
  • Washington DC
  • New York
  • Chicago (Christmas – bloody cold, but no snow damnit!)
  • San Francisco (New Years eve)
  • Big Sur coast down to LA

All in all we had a huge time. I posted lots of photos on tumblr, but I’m reposting a few favourites here for posterity – and some that we didn’t put on tumblr such as Mitchell as an astronaut, and us swimming with the dolphins.

Discovery Cove

NASA Kenney Space Center

And some of our favourite pics from the tumblr load

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