This week is bookweek and all of the kids at school had to dress up as a character from one of their favourite stories. Here’s Mitchell as the Rajah from the book the Tiger Skin Rug.

The kids also had to send in a photo of themselves with the theme ‘One world, many stories’. This was Mitchell’s entry – and he won the competition for best photo!

Here he is collecting his prize, a book voucher. The little dude was stoked!

6 Replies to “Bookweek”

  1. I liked the touch of having a camel for a Middle Eastern tea party, the bear must have just been visiting. Congratulations Mitch, I hope you got a really great book with your prize.

  2. Well done to the photographer as well.. Mitchell looks great in his costumes… have to love the little girl with the book “It is extremely important to do drawing……” she will always remember that book! love to all xxx

  3. That looked like heaps of fun Mitchell and you looked the best of them all. Congratulations on winning the best photo, a tea party with your besties is always fun. xoxxo

  4. Congratulations Mitchell. You look soooo good. You are getting more like your Dad every day. Even the way you stand.
    I am looking forward to you coming to Adelaide in the school holidays.
    Love Nanna

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