Mar 27 2008

A few things you hear a lot from a toddler

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“What?” – said in response to just about everything these days. Mitchell has developed his father’s selective hearing.

“Whassat?” – said with a wonderfully high pitch and look of shock on his face, whenever he hears a sudden noise such as a revving motorbike, a car horn or a siren (ie every five minutes in Beirut).

“Fina! Yoke, pease!” – called out at the end of dinner each night, when Mitchell wants some yoghurt for dessert. He very quickly learned that Fina is at his beck and call…

“Bag, off!” followed by “Dress!” – said way too early on Saturday and Sunday mornings when Mitchell wants to be let out of his sleeping bag and then wants his father to get dressed, get out of bed and join him for breakfast. Tragically he is less concerned about being accompanied by his mother, who therefore has the luxury of sleeping in every day of the week.

“Why?” – oh dear, we’re just discovering this one. Said after about eight sessions of “what?” and another stalling tactic to avoid doing something unpleasant.

“Don’t want to” – said when stalling tactics have failed and he’s being forced to eat something or do something that’s invariably good for him but rarely pleasant to experience.

“No try” – alas, see “don’t want to” above. Even more frustrating because it’s usually in response to efforts to get him to taste something that we know he’ll enjoy, but he’s just decided not to.

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  1. grandadon 30 Mar 2008 at 8:38 am

    Why? Yep heard that one a few times as well as the converse Why Not? which is almost as hard to answer
    cheers D GD

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