Apr 16 2008

The emerging bilingualism

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Mitchell’s daycare teaches in both French and English, and at last we’re starting to see some bilingualism developing in the little guy. Yesterday he said to our French speaking driver, Ellie: “Merci Ellie”.

So last night around the dinner table we asked Mitchell to say some other things in French. Unprompted, he said “merci”, “oui” and “aujourd’hui” (“today” for the non-francophones out there).

C’est trĂ©s bien, non?

Of course this builds on the one Arabic word he already knows: “yalla!” (which depending on the tone and forcefulness in which it is expressed can mean “get a move on” or something a whole lot stronger…)

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  2. Francescoon 12 Oct 2015 at 2:26 pm

    Hi Melissa. As a smart kid who didn’t go to French Immersion largely besuace of the distance, I can tell you that I wish I had gone into it. I was certainly smart enough to do French Immersion and it might have kept me more entertained when I pulled in ahead of my classes.I think Jacob is certainly smart enough to go to a French Immersion school without regressing his English skills. That kid can read and write much better than I ever could at his age-and I’m a writer. I don’t think that should be one of your concerns when looking into sending him to French Immersion.I also think that Jacob’s not all that socially challenged. His issue is that he’s a lot smarter than most kids his age so he’s interested in more intellectual pursuits. French Immersion would add a challenge, and he might meet some more intellectual kids.The only thing that I will say against French Immersion is that French teachers in the normal school system usually aren’t very good teachers, and I don’t know how good the quality of teaching in the French Immersion system is.But I think the question you have to ask, as someone who spent some time in French Immersion, is how you felt about your own education. And ask a couple people who were also in French Immersion-I think their opinions have more weight than mine.I hope you figure it all out soon ~Dianna

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