2 Replies to “How to pack up a giant, razor-sharp slinky”

  1. Greetings to Sheridan, Alex and of course little Mitchell…
    Sheridan, I am Jan Siaosi of Travel on The Parade’s dad, where your mum Sharon does some casual consulting. My wife Pam and I were in the agency today organising some flights to Europe and we were asking your Mum how your were. In conversation she mentioned that she had just come back from a visit to see you. I am envious of her.
    You do such a great job with your website. So very interesting. As you say life in Beirut is not boring. Great changes though in the last few days. Great to see the tent city coming down and the razor wire being packed up and put into storage for “next time”.
    Kind regards to you all,
    Murray Smith

  2. Why is the guy with the red beret in the second pic carrying what looks like a No.3 wood? Perhaps he was on the way to the golf course when he was told to supervise the wire removal.

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