The fishbowl

This is our newly enclosed balcony. Mitchell’s become such a climber these days that we can’t leave him unattended on the balcony. The easy solution was to get it enclosed.

Some or all of the glass panels can be retracted and we can easily have the whole balcony open to the elements – great if we’re having a bbq or just want to let the weather in. Even though it’s steaming hot now that it’s summer, we only get morning sun on that side of the apartment so fortunately our new fishbowl isn’t an oven. And I’m sure it’s going to be lovely in winter!

2 Replies to “The fishbowl”

  1. Great being able to see everything without the risk of plunging 150 floors. Are there blinds or is it one way glass I wonder?
    The little man is growing quickly and I suspect is very active. We tried a long leash on his father but he tended to tie it, lamp posts, passing strangers and himself in knots.

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