Father’s Day in Faqra

Although today is not Father’s Day in Lebanon, it is in Australia so we thought bugger it, let’s celebrate (afterall, daddy deserves a bit of goodwill from his wee lad!).

This morning I got to sleep in while mummy managed Mitchell, which was a lovely treat. Then it was up for pancakes and bananas for breakfast. Yummo. After a quick call to Granddad in Australia we bundled into the black beast and motored our way up into the mountains.

Our destination for the day was Faqra, situated about an hour from Beirut at an altitude of 1500 metres and home (in winter) to a number of ski resorts.

Faqra’s main sights are the Qa’lat Faqra Roman ruins, and a 50 metre long natural rock bridge which, as you can see from the photos, is popular with abseilers and climbers. The bridge is quite impressive and fortunately there’s a nice little Lebanese restaurant with an outdoor dining area overlooking it. So we settled in for a typically Lebanese meal of humous, tabbouleh, kibbe, sambousik, stuffed vine leaves, grilled chicken wings and a mixed grill (which had the most succulent shish taouk chicken I’ve ever had).


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  1. What a great hole to fling yourself into. How on earth do they get out?
    I love looking at the old Roman or pre Roman ruins but its interesting that the Australian aboriginal was painting on rock walls and creating fisheries in rivers 38,000 years earlier.
    Looking at the picture of Mitchell I wonder if he will be able to readapt to good aussie tucker!

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