It’s raining men! Hallelujah!

So sang The Weather Girls, but in reality it’s just raining rain. Lots of it.

Lebanon’s winter storms have hit suddenly and with a vengeance. For the past few days we’ve had steadily dropping temperatures and an almost constant rumble of thunder, together with sporadic torrential downpours. Today it only got up to 21 degrees – a far cry from the 30 plus temps of a month ago.

Of course the Lebanese being the hot blooded Mediterraneans that they are, they’re now all rugged up. I kid you not. I had to pop up to the ABC mall last night and half of the locals there were wearing scarves, coats and long black boots. But it was still 20 degrees and I had a t-shirt on. Go figure.

So with the end of daylight savings last weekend and lots of rain, it’s looking pretty gloomy and miserable all of a sudden. Which is kind of nice after the endless months of summer, but it’s looking like it might be a dismal winter.

Although the silver lining is that the ski slopes should be smoking in another month or so…

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  1. You’re lucky to have consistant weather of any kind. Here in sunny Sydney it’s not, consistant that is. One day overcast, cold (17C) and patchy drizzle the next cloudless skies and 30+. Tomorrow the weather forecasters have predicted 36C with possible rain, sounds mor like Darwin doesn’t it.
    My tiny bro in UK just emailed to say that they had sun, drizzle, sleet and snow all within an hour, a forecasters dream, they can’t be wrong whatever they say.

    With snow in the offing you’ll have to blow up that big inner tube or get a sled or even a skidoo so that you can make serious tracks. Have fun and don’t forget the fondue and mulled wine for apre ski time.

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