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  1. Pray tell the significance of a rear view shot of a parked Vespa? Is it a get away vehicle, a sign that petrol costs are increasing, the lack of thieves or is it that you would like to get one? The surroundings give no clue but no doubt you will elucidate.
    We have just had a day down at Jervis Bay doing much needed gardening. My strength is improving as managed to do virtually all the lawns and edges without taking a break every 2 minutes. I admit I was fairly well drugged with anti inflamatories, pain killers and only had to use my heart pills three times!
    Unlike Friday when it hit 35C it remained a pleasant 20C while we slaved away. Still there is always a great sense of achievement when the place looks tidy. My lili pilli are doing well as are the roses. These are an old english variety which have a heavenly scent. The wisteria has finished flowering but I can tell that the Christmas bush/tree will turn to red in about six weeks time.
    Sorry, this is an off subject blog, you can always edit or remove it if you wish.

  2. I dunno, I just thought it was a nice shot.

    Besides, I’d still love to get a moped, but Sheridan assures me that it will be a cold hard day in hell when she lets this happen.

  3. Bloody lethal things. I had one when I was a bobby in London, it had the traction of a skate on ice when scooting around in the snow. I never felt safe and nor did any female friend stuck behind me so had to sell it. Just as well since two weeks later the motor expired. Stick with 4 or more wheels, ABS, good tyres and lots of airbags.
    p.s. all right I’ll admit they are fun in summer but not when a Harley snarls past you.

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