The rooftop pad

Although we’ve been living in our apartment for almost a year now, the building as a whole is still unfinished. The owner of the building is in the process of fitting out a gucci megaflash duplex apartment on the top two floors. The pad will include a horizon pool looking out to the Mediterranean, two separate elevators, and sloping panoramic windows looking out across Achrafieh to the snow-capped Mount Lebanon chain in the distance.

It’s really quite impressive and I like popping up there occasionally (on Sunday when the workers are away) to see how the fit-out is progressing. “Slowly” is the answer.

Last week I jumped in the lift and headed up, spent a while exploring around taking a few pictures. It was only then that I realised there was no button to call the lift back, just some wires sticking out of the wall, and all the fire escape doors were locked. The dude was stuck eleven storeys up.  Luckily after a plaintive phone call Sheridan got into the lift at our floor and came to the rescue.

Anyway, when this joint is finally finished I’d love to live there.

View from the terrace View from the terrace View from the horizon pool The unit, from inside the pool Panorama windows Panoramic view Bedroom view Toilet view

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