Nov 16 2008

Images of Lebanon #17

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One Response to “Images of Lebanon #17”

  1. grandadon 17 Nov 2008 at 2:44 pm

    Aha, a guessing game? What is on the trolley and why is the stallholder smiling?

    The yellow things are flares for which he has 3 gas lighters to start them off, plus a can and a bottle of kero to give them some real oomph. These are needed by him to control:-

    The green things which are alien eggs waiting to be dunked into the tureen of activating agent and turning into world devouring creatures, which is why:-

    The man is smiling as they have promised he will be in charge of the new world order and be able to get some decent shoes.

    I haven’t worked out where the popcorn and dates (or camel dung) fit in to this forthcoming catastrophe but my advise is to Run like hell anyway.

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