Nov 17 2008

More from the budding paparazzo

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A little while back I added some photos that Mitchell took with our little point-and-shoot digi. Since then we bought him his own digital camera, but he’s having some probs coming to terms with all the different buttons and the pokey little LCD screen on the back. Seems he’s much more comfortable with our snapper, as you can see here.

Mind you, these are the pick of the bunch – the last one is much more typical of his work, although in his defence the camera lens is right where his hand naturally rests.

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One Response to “More from the budding paparazzo”

  1. grandadon 18 Nov 2008 at 11:55 am

    Translated left to right “Hey, Dad give me a Hand that might be My Teacher
    and I don’t want her to see Me”
    Other interpretations for sub-titles to help out this budding photographer?

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