Christmas is coming!

The weather has taken a decidedly chilly turn of late, with wonderfully heavy rain the other day translating into a blanket of snow in the mountains (although thisĀ has already melted). The traffic on the road to ABC Mall, which runs through our neighbourhood, is at gridlock every evening as shoppers flock in. All of the streets and houses in our neighbourhood are decked with lights. The tree has magically appeared in the living room.

Sounds like Christmas is coming!

Mitchell is really into the whole concept of Christmas this year, enthusiastically devouring his way through his first advent calendar and exclaiming with delight everytime he sees a Christmas tree or any kind of Christmas decorations. And he’s especially uncomfortable with the fact that there’s currently no presents underĀ our tree.

I wonder what Santa will bring?

One Reply to “Christmas is coming!”

  1. So much for financial woes, perhaps we all tend to forget them in the season of giving.

    What does Santa do at your place (no chimney). Perhaps he lands Rudolph & Co on the balcony or absails down the side. I’m sure there will be STUFF under the tree in time.

    DJ’s as usual have a splendid lot of animated elves working away making presents or mixing whisky sodas for Santa I’m not sure which.

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