Totally piste

After mooching around the house all day yesterday we decided to check out Lebanon’s ski slopes, so we headed up to Faraya. Located less than an hour’s drive north-east of Beirut, Faraya is the most commercial of Lebanon’s ski areas. The town of Faraya itself is pretty horrible and run-down, but the ski resort above is much nicer. The snow there is great, soft and powdery and really deep. There was a huge dump a few weeks back (see here) and when we got there it was snowing lightly.

Amazingly, despite being less than an hour away and it being Sunday, there was hardly anyone there. In Australia ski fields with snow like this would be absolutely packed in the height of winter. Friends tell me it’s usually much busier. I can only assume that the threat of overcast weather, and the current security situation, might have encouraged people to stay home this weekend.

Nonetheless, we had a good time. Unfortunately mummy had to stay in the car while Mitchie and I checked out the snow, which was a bit sad for her. This was Mitchell’s first visit to the snow, and as you can tell from the photos, he was a bit non-plused with the whole snowflakes falling from the sky and freezing cold wind thing. We made up for it with a nice lunch and then excellent hot chocolate at the Intercontinental Hotel. Yummo.

080217_snowman01.jpg Snowman Snowboys Poor mummy, stuck in the car Pencil man Breadman Faraya valley Faraya valley Faraya valley Faraya resort

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  1. Hi guys,
    Your new website is great! It’s unbelievable the weather is like that in Lebanon. We love checking out your website and the photos are great. Thanks for keeping everyone updated. Sheridan, we hope you had an enjoyable birthday, we were thinking of you. We all look forward to seeing you soon.
    Hugs & Kisses,
    The Iremonger’s

  2. Wow,

    Love the snow!!! Andrew would be mega jealous of the powder that is literally at your doorstep! I can’t believe there was no one there… during the week down in Perisher, the place is nuts but the weekends are unbelievable! And the wall of snow you drove through, well that only happens overseas. Arrgghhhh… so jealous! How’s my gorgeous nephew?… he didn’t look that happy with the snow! I think James would have a similar reaction. He looked well pleased with his ability to weild a sharp instrument.. hehehe… kids… gotta love em.

    P.S. Luv, Pix.

  3. The snow’s awesome! Shame you couldn’t participate, Sheridan. I have visions of big spikes on your wheels/boots… Perhaps next time.

    Love the new blog layout. It’s got a great feel and it’s easy to follow what’s been going on. Can’t wait to read more!

    K xx

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