Seasonal variation

It seems to me that the Lebanese have a pretty set idea about the seasons.  In their minds early March is still winter, which would normally be the case given that Mount Sannine still looms over Beirut all capped with snow and earlier in the week there were gusting frosty storms.

But today the reality was a bit different – it was 30 degrees celsius outside, with gorgeous sun and sparkling seas. And yet everywhere I looked, the locals were still dressed for winter. Coats were on, some wore hats. And I was sweating in my shirt sleeves. I guess nobody them that it’s okay to dress according to conditions, and not the calendar.

This truly is a strange – albeit great – country.

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  1. woops, too much info. Just remember there is nothing stranger than Germans wearing leather shorts in winter or poms wearing tweed jackets in an Indian summer. Having observed both I believe that deep down we are all masochists, it’s the only explanation.

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