Holiday over, back to the Madness

We’ve just returned from our four week leave in Australia. After 20 hours in a plane and with very little sleep, we’re all kind of staggering around the apartment in that semi-intoxicated giddy state that only deep fatigue and jet-lag can bring you.  Mitchell woke up at 2.30 this morning and was ready to get into the day.  But luckily we managed to coax him into our bed and back to sleep until a much more respectable 6.30 am.

It was really great catching up with friends and family in Adelaide, Sydney and Canberra during the trip, but such a shame that Sheridan wasn’t feeling the best through some of it. Mitchell definitely enjoyed the trip, although I think he’d be hard pressed to decide on the best highlight. A few shortlist items might be:

– chasing Nanna’s fostered guide dog puppy Dax around the garden, pulling her tail, throwing balls for her and getting licked all over his face.

– discovering that the Easter bunny’s been and then spending the next few days gorging on chocolates. (He has now added the phrase “I want some chocolate” to his daily lexicon. Hmmm.)

– seeing the lions and tigers at the Adelaide zoo, or seeing the lions and giraffes at Monarto zoo.

– making Grandad chase him everywhere, totally and blissfully oblivious to Grandad’s dodgy hip and tricky ticker.

– playing dress-ups with Lily and trying on all of her necklaces, bracelets, rings and tiaras all at the same time.

– having water-bomb fights with Liv and Nadia in Geoff and May’s garden.

– discovering that unlike in Lebanon, Australian shopping malls have coin-operated rides every ten metres, but for some reason whenever Daddy goes to the mall he’s never got any coins in his pockets.

– riding on the carousel at Darling Harbour and saying “Hi” to uncle Christopher with every revolution.

– watching sharks glide over him and James at the Sydney Aquarium.

– consuming a full sized strawberry milkshake from Billy Baxters cafe in less than 30 seconds.

– riding on lots and lots of planes, plus a train, the monorail and the Popeye boat on the Torrens river.

– running endlessly from one end of Dubai airport to the other using every travelator in the building.

– being chased by the waves at Semaphore beach.

– swimming at Elizabeth aquatic centre, and then delighting when daddy got told off by a lifeguard for diving into the pool where there was a “no diving” sign.

– telling aunty Charmaine that she looked like a princess when she was all dressed up for work in the morning.

– playing piano and guitar with Erin.

– kicking Matt’s butt on the XBox 360.

– getting lots of really nice cuddles from all of his friends and family.

Yep, it was a pretty uneventful holiday…

4 Replies to “Holiday over, back to the Madness”

  1. Fast, you’d better believe it, he can vanish in a twinkle. Fortunately one can usually spot the red hair from a distance and so continue the pursuit, dodgy hip and ticker notwithstanding. Good to hear you all got back without major dramas, you can now have a holiday to recover from your holiday.

  2. Hi guys,As a former ediotr of NowUC (in 2006), just wanted to congratulate you on keeping up the good work! Nice to see the paper pumping out some well-researched articles.Cheers,Paige Darby

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