The Afqa waterfalls

With the mountain snows melting rapidly, some friends had told us that the Nahr Ibrahim (also known as the Adonis River) was in full flow from the Afqa grotto. So Mitchell and I motored up into the mountains to check it out.

Afqa grotto is a giant cavern in the face of a towering cliff. During spring each year the snowmelt floods  the underground river so that it becomes a torrent. According to ancient legend, Adonis was out hunting at this spot and was killed by a wild boar. His lover, the goddess Venus, tried to save him but was too late. And so the torrential river that gushes forth every spring is the blood of Adonis.

Cool, eh?

Anyway, after a few wrong turns courtesy of the GPS (I thought these things were supposed to stop you from getting lost – I seemed to end up in private farmland every few minutes) we finally made it to Afqa.

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  1. Looks like a great place for trolls. What an amazing country with such a fabulous mix of natural wonders, historical sites and great climate. I’m surprised there aren’t more tourists. A little thing like the odd rocket shouldn’t put them off.

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