Big Joe’s in town

Got to meet Joe Biden, the US VP today. Well, kind of. His 35-car motorcade ripped past me as I was walking home from the office, so I threw him a quick welcoming wave in as unthreatening a way as possible given that there were several helicopter gunships hovering above. No sudden moves, and sir, please refrain from pointing your RPG at the motorcade.

Honestly, I’ve never seen so many shiny black SUVs in my life.

One Reply to “Big Joe’s in town”

  1. You must have been in awe, trembling with fear (that one of the SUVs would break down requiring) that one of the local natives (for a suitable sum) would attempt to fix him up(without being shot).
    I suppose that GM who make these urban monsters are being kept afloat by the requirements of the men in black, but who is going to maintain the Cherokee?
    Huge downturn in defence industry jobs in UK with the Iraq pull out (sounds rude,sorry) maybe N.Korea will get everyone busy again.
    Hope all are well and enjoying the occasional fly past and otherwise quieter times.

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