The introduction of swearing – sort of

It was bound to happen, and at least for the time being it’s done in jest. Yep, Mitchell and his school chums have learnt that it can be fun to say rude words.

Their favourite phrase is “kaka tastoos”, which pretty much translates as “pooey bum” in Arabic. This of course is being said deliberately, so not like a toddler who merely echoes what a parent might say when confronted by a nappy blow-out for example. Mitchell gets great delight running up to an adult, shouting “kaka tastoos” and then running off giggling hysterically.

We’re naturally torn in terms of how to respond. To ignore or to chastise?

At least that’s all he’s saying for now. There’s plenty worse things that you can say in Arabic which might result in a blood feud or worse. I mean, all he’s got to do is add “oomak” to the end and then it’s game on. (“kaka tastoos oomak” would translate as “your mother’s pooey bum”. Never a good idea to insult an Arab’s mother if you want to walk away in one piece…)

3 Replies to “The introduction of swearing – sort of”

  1. Never a good idea to insult anyone’s mother except Sergeant Majors (in your thoughts only) since everone knows they either don’t have one or were amoebae.
    Hopefully he will grow out of it but peer pressure can be hard to beat. The trouble is that if you asked him how he would feel if called a stinky bum he would probably consider it a badge of honour. Alex you will recall writing a word on everyone’s front fence in Fitzroy Ave. what did your mother do? whatever it was i think it worked, so try that.

  2. Hehe…. seems like it happens to all kids at one point or another. At least it’s just pooey bum… we’ve had worse, much worse! James has said f**kin hell twice, much to my horror! Not sure who he picked it up from… could of been me (bows head in shame)…. His latest saying is the fatcontroller pronounced the f**kontroller… very hard not to laugh especially when he thinks he’s just talking about the dude on thomas the tank. Very confusing! At this stage I’d be happy with shit or blast or crap! Gotta love being a parent hey?! lol, pix

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