Jul 21 2009

Maybe I need some pec implants?

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As we’ve noted before, Lebanon is pretty famous for the pursuit of physical beauty. Nose jobs are common and it’s not unusual to see people (men and women) proudly wandering around with plaster on their noses or for your colleagues to come into work one day with suddenly and eye-poppingly inflated chests. Two years ago one of the banks actually offered a special loan for plastic surgery.

This year is proving to be a mega summer tourist season in Lebanon. The country’s the most stable that it’s been in ages, and it is a more affordable option for many who’ve taken a hit in the global economic crisis. There’s been a huge number of visitors coming for the beaches, mountain resorts and to hang out with the (artificially) beautiful people. Many also come to get some work done, as demonstrated by this article published today.

But hey, I’m beautiful just the way I am (or I will be once the braces come off, insha’allah). Not that my staff don’t occasionally suggest I get a touch of botox or a nose job myself…

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  1. grandadon 22 Jul 2009 at 7:33 pm

    Just been watching Spics and Specs where Denise Drysdale admitted that she had spent $8,000 getting a boob reduction job as she was fed up with tucking them into her underpants before going jogging! She still didn’t look like the siren in the picture.

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