Not the sort of road rage you’re used to

An earlier post looked at some typical examples of Lebanese driving habits. This afternoon I saw a different form of road rage – two traffic police having a fight over which stream of traffic had right of way.

I was sitting at the lights at the intersection above, waiting for my turn to go. This intersection is one of the major arterial crossroads in the city, connecting north and south traffic and the road from the port. On a Friday afternoon when everyone’s heading for the coast or the mountains it’s usually chock a block. Although there are traffic lights here, these tend to be optional in Lebanon so there’s also some traffic cops on duty to ensure the mass of cars keeps flowing.

Except today.

I watched with great delight as the two cops on duty had a screaming row over which approach road had right of way. There was lots of frantic arm waving, pointing of fingers, and some moves which were more akin to popping. This was lots of fun, but the upshot was that none of us were going anywhere…

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  1. Now that’s something else, a mixture of the rubber man and Thunderbirds! Way, way out. Loved the judges comments.

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