Autumn approaches

We’ve had a pretty crazy autumn here, with temperatures staying above 30 degrees until the last week or so. Then earlier this week we had some torrential rain and this dropped the temps to a much more comfortable 22 during the day and 16-17 at night.

Sounds very pleasant you may think. Well, it’s been great watching the Lebanese adapt to the sudden change.

It’s as if the second ice-age has hit. All of a sudden the women have ditched their tight fitting summer dresses for jeans, scarves and long leather boots (one could unkindly describe them as FMBs). One of my work drivers took me to an appointment the other day and he was wearing a long overcoat, scarf, gloves and cap – and it was 21 degrees outside. I was sweating just looking at him.

Now to be fair, the climate is a bit chillier up in the hills. There has even been a dump of snow on Mt Sannine, which is actually visible from Beirut because all the rain has rinsed the crap out of the air.

But come on. It’s not that cold, really!

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  1. Not as cold as ACT certainly, they are still getting night temps of 2 and 3 degrees and its supposed to be summer. No need to get out the budgie smugglers just yet.

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