Is it Christmas time again already?

Wow, this year went fast.  It seems like it was only the other week that we were packing away the Christmas decorations, and now they’re all out again.

Of course it goes without saying that Mitchell’s suitably excited. He wrote his first ever letter to Santa the other day (with mummy’s help), asking for a scooter that we saw at the mall last weekend.  I wonder if Santa will get the letter in time?  And has Mitchell been a good enough boy this year?  We’ll have to wait and see whether there’s a shiny new scooter under the tree in a few weeks’ time…

Meanwhile, Ashrafieh is making the transition to Xmas mode.  Sparkly lights are on at night, nativity scenes are being populated, and the outside air’s cooling down.  As if those weren’t enough cues, the most obvious one is the traffic – once again our proximity to ABC Mall turns from a blessing to a curse, as half of Beirut migrates there every evening to shop and dine.  Makes the night time commute from work take soooooo much longer.

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