Video: Christmas party at Lemonts

Some (unfortunately blurry) video of Mitchell and his bud Sara at the Lemonts Christmas party. Kid’s got some lungs on him.

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  1. I didn’t know that Jingle Bells in French was pronounced Jungle Balls! See if you can teach him to sight read music, it apparently opens up neural paths in the brain that come in handy for forward thinking and problem solving.

  2. I agree, it should embarrrass the heck out of him.
    What caused the little girl in front of him to go off in tears, forgot the words perhaps or found his lusty singing into her right ear a bit too much to take.

  3. I was a teacher in that school. and in fact I was Mitchell’s. teacher. I just wanted to let you know that jingle bell song in french was NOT Jungle balls .. it was vive le Vent.

    Second, that girl who’s name is Sienna went off in tears was a new girl who came part time only .. she got scared of the crowd and the singing and had a stage fright which is absolutly normal for such a little girl. She was new to the school.

    your comments really made me sad

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