Some pork with your Christmas lunch?

Yesterday’s Christmas lunch didn’t quite go as planned. The intention had been for some friends to come over for a roast turkey and maple ham lunch, and to continue the Christmas cheer with fresh puddings, mince pies and shortbreads.

Unfortunately Mitchell’s immune system had other plans.

He’s had a cold for a few days, and on Christmas eve he developed a raging fever which persisted all night and was unresponsive to anti-pyretics. So come Christmas morning, with all of us very sleep deprived, we hurriedly opened presents and then headed off to the hospital for a swine flu test.

The initial check suggested he had H1N1.  With several littlies expected at our Christmas lunch, we thought it prudent to cancel everything. Then we headed home, to await the outcome of the influenza test.

Eventually, later in the afternoon, the test came back: negative. Which I guess is a shame really. Afterall, he’s already sick as a dog, but at least if it was the crazy pig stuff then he’d develop some immunities to it.

So that was our Christmas. Fried ham and egg sandwiches for lunch, roast turkey for dinner (sans friends), a puff on the shisha and some crappy TV on the box.

Hope you all had a great one. Merry Christmas to all!

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  1. Maybe you could welcome in the New Year with a Christmas feast. Hope Mitchell is feeling better. Did you get some good chrissie presents?

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