sherlex is the unimaginative userid of sheridan and alex – and our newest addition mitchell the monkeyman.

sherlex are a pair of thirty-something aussies, with a keen interest in the world’s unusualness. Alex is fortunate enough to work for a company that’s happy to send him to live abroad every few years, so sherlex get regular opportunities to wander the globe, seeing amazing places and meeting groovy people.

Our current international adventure sees us living in funky Beirut. This is our third residence in the Middle East, having previously lived in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) and Riyadh (Saudi Arabia).

2 Replies to “About”

  1. hi Sheridan, Alex and Mitchell,
    Just wondering how you were going, as we had heard about the unrest in your part of the world. From your web site it looks like you are ok, but our thoughts are with you. Great web-site also. We are on board the Sun Princess at the moment some where near Malaysia. Hope to catch up soon.
    Leonie and Gary xx

  2. Hi Alex, just wanted to say hello – met dad and he gave me your website. Balmain PS year 3? Looks like life’s treating you fine. Regards to all, Russell Stone

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