Whachoolookinat?Born at 6.57pm on Sunday 9 October 2005, after a very long labour and eventual emergency caesarian, Mitchell has changed our lives forever.

So what do you need to know about Mitchell? Well, he’s now two years old, he goes to daycare, of course he loves Thomas the Tank Engine…

and toy cars…

and all Pixar animated movies.

He loves to eat cherry tomatoes and strawberries, is fond of pasta and doesn’t mind the odd piece of chocolate. But he’s not too keen on broccoli.

On these pages you’ll see lots of photos of Mitchell growing up into the mini-man that he now is. Enjoy!


Mitchell at 20 months

So this is what the little bugger looked like last (northern hemisphere) summer. Photos taken before our extended absence in the UK and Australia.

070702-bath1.jpg 070706-gnocchi1.jpg 070715_thirsty.jpg 070715-boys.jpg 070715-cap.jpg 070715-more-cap.jpg


18-20 months

This time in Mitchie’s life saw him move from Canberra to Lebanon. Of course the little guy took the relocation in his stride. Afterall, why stress so long as you’re still getting good regular grub and Mummy and Daddy are still there with you??

070323-flymeaway.jpg 070504-bigshoestofill.jpg 070602-balcony.jpg 070603-superdude.jpg 070609-crayon-king.jpg 070610-cheekybum.jpg


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  1. Hi,

    It’s Erin Here just saying how cute you are Mitchell!
    I love you all very much.
    Miss you and can’t wait to see you again hopefully soon.

    Love, Erin

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