Jan 20 2013

Fun in SA

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Dec 09 2012

All I want for Christmas is…

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And channelling Count Drac here

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Nov 14 2012

I thawt a thaw a bunny wabbit

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Mitchell’s class has two bunnies: Victoria and Albert. Today he got to bring Albert home for a sleepover. So instead of doing homework we’ve been chasing this little grey lump of fuzz around the family room. I’m not sure who’s more in love with him: Mitchell or Sheridan!

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Oct 18 2012

Fabulous Fiji

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Sep 30 2012

Two lads, four wheels and some attitude

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Aug 30 2012

Another soiree

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It’s time again for the twice-yearly soiree, where the kids from school who are learning piano and violin perform a little piece for us admiring parents. Here’s Mitchell’s contribution this time:

(This is last year’s performance. Unfortunately my video recorder died at the soiree earlier this year so you’ll have to just assume it was awesome.)

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Aug 20 2012


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Today is Cupcake Day for the RSPCA and Alex’s work was doing a fundraiser – so naturally we had to supply some homemade (thanks Sheridan) chocolate cupcakes adorned with puppies and bones. Delish.

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Jul 28 2012

A new hope

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Just watched Star Wars Episode IV (ie the original Star Wars) with the little dude.

The official verdict: ‘it was awesome!!’

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Jul 18 2012

The round ball

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Jul 12 2012


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