Living with a three year old


“Yes darling”


“What do you want?”





“Mitchell, you’re driving me crazy.  Stop saying ‘Mummy'”



Measles! Strewth

Well, can you believe it. As if we didn’t have enough to deal with on the health front right now, turns out Mitchie’s got the measles! He had a high fever all weekend and on Wednesday all of a sudden he was a spotty monster. He’s had his MMR vaccination, but it looks like he’s come down with a mild case of measles nonetheless.

I’m not sure how rigorous they are about vaccinations here so he might have been responsible for spreading contagion far and wide. Afterall, I did take him to the indoor playground at the mall on Saturday, and he’s been at school since Monday…

Bedtime stories

Being very structured people, we’ve got Mitchell into a nice little bedtime routine. First its into the bath, then into pyjamas, then stories sitting with mummy on the story chair, then a few little songs, then into bed.

Simple really.

He’s got a few different books that he likes but at the moment he’s into the Mr Men series. Most often he likes Mr Tall and Mr Tickle. But for a bit of variety, last night mummy read him Mr Sneeze for the first time:

(This was one of my favourite Mr Men books when I was a young nipper.)

Anyway, halfway through the story Mr Sneeze encounters this chap, and as soon as Mitchell saw the picture he yelled out: “Granddad!”

So that’s it dad. You’re famous.

The chocolate eclair incident

Mitchell doesn’t seem to share mummy and daddy’s genetics – as you can see from the following photos, he clearly dislikes chocolate eclairs…

 Neat eater   Aftermath

Oh, and those gunky bits in his eyes are early onset conjunctivitis. Yes, he’s getting pinkeye again. Gotta love daycare don’t you? At least in Lebanon you don’t need a doctor’s prescription to buy antibiotics.  Seriously. You want valium, ritalin, steroids? Just roll on into your nearest pharmacy and you can buy it over the counter.  I think morphine’s one of the few things you can’t buy without a script.

Favourite thing

So my favourite thing in the world right now is when I come home from work, pop the key in the lock and open the front door, and Mitchell (who is invariably in the family room) yells out “Daddy!” and charges up, flying into my arms to give me a big hug.

It just about busts my heart every time.