Happy Australia Day!

So how do you celebrate Australia Day in Lebanon? Afterall, over 20,000 people in this country hold Australian citizenship.

Well for us it’s a pretty low key day. We’re off to City Mall for a bit of a shop around the remainder of the post-Christmas sales (still lots of goodies are 50 percent off), then perhaps around to Matt and Tash’s place for Oz Day drinks this arvo. Otherwise there’s not much happening in our patch. No National Day function this year, given the political and security uncertainty (talk to any Lebanese about what’s going on and they’ll roll their eyes about “the situation”). Probably just as well, as yesterday’s car bombing in Hazmieh might have resulted in a last minute cancellation.

What are you up to?

Christmas in Beirut

Here’s a few photos from the Christmas period. Little guy’s grown a bit during his time in Australia. Still likes cake though…

Buche du Noel 071230_floorboys.jpg 071230-floor.jpg 071230_tiles.jpg

And of course like all two year olds he always likes to play on the floor – cold hard tiles or not. Mummy reckons that Mitchell and Daddy play a bit too roughly. Especially when she finds herself being headbutted by the little guy when they’re playing on the bed. Let me tell you, he’s got a hard noggin.


As you can see, we’re in the process of substantially updating (and slimming down) our sherlex.com website. All the old stuff is still available for the time being, at http://www.sherlex.com/sitebackup/ But in the coming week or two I’ll be migrating photos etc over to this blogsite.

So why the change? To be honest, the old site was pretty dull, and it was a fairly involved process to make updates. Now that I’ve installed wordpress on our server it will be heaps easier to add blogs – which hopefully means we’ll update more often!

That’s it for now. Watch this space and soon it’ll be filling up with photos and stories of our life here in Lebanon.