Yay! A four day weekend!

Nothing beats the Prophet’s birthday holiday immediately followed by the Easter weekend extravaganza. The sun is out, the weather’s warm (too warm in fact – 31 degrees today), and there’s no work until Tuesday.

Yesterday morning Fina managed Mitchell while Sheridan and I had a lovely quiet sleep in. Then in the afternoon we took a drive up to Byblos (founded in 5000 BC and possibly the world’s longest continually inhabited city) and beyond. Then today we did our weekend usual and visited the malls for a yummy breakfast of pancakes (at City Mall) followed by an equally delectable salad lunch at Waterlemon (ABC Mall).  This evening featured several episodes of West Wing, although we still haven’t undecided whether we’re getting into it or not.  Might have to head back to my DVD guy in Haret Hriek to buy the next series of Entourage.

And then tomorrow after the festival of the egg and bunny we’re having a roast lunch at Greg and Kris’ house, where Mitchell I’m sure will tease and poke and pinch Pepper, their boisterous yet thankfully patient blue heeler dog.

Who knows what we’ll get up to on Monday?

Happy Australia Day!

So how do you celebrate Australia Day in Lebanon? Afterall, over 20,000 people in this country hold Australian citizenship.

Well for us it’s a pretty low key day. We’re off to City Mall for a bit of a shop around the remainder of the post-Christmas sales (still lots of goodies are 50 percent off), then perhaps around to Matt and Tash’s place for Oz Day drinks this arvo. Otherwise there’s not much happening in our patch. No National Day function this year, given the political and security uncertainty (talk to any Lebanese about what’s going on and they’ll roll their eyes about “the situation”). Probably just as well, as yesterday’s car bombing in Hazmieh might have resulted in a last minute cancellation.

What are you up to?